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The Queer Art of History and Larry Kramer’s The American People

By Ben Miller “I wouldn’t pay any attention to that. You know how bitchy fags can be.” – Jennifer North, Valley of the Dolls Larry Kramer’s The American People: Volume … Continue reading

February 10, 2016 · 2 Comments

Portraits of the Modern Soul (1)

By Susie Kim “For a couple of krone one can have oneself photographed from every angle. The apparatus is a mechanical Know-Thyself.” “You mean to say, the Mistake-Thyself,” said Kafka, … Continue reading

January 27, 2015 · 3 Comments

Authorship and the Problem of Empathy in “Girls”

by Robert Blakslee        I’m late to the game, admittedly, but I’ve recently been watching “Girls,” and thinking about why I dislike Marnie so much, why I relate … Continue reading

January 14, 2015 · Leave a comment

Being Foreign, or Why I Don’t Understand Mexico Part II

By Robert Blakslee I’ve been living in Mexico for quite some time now. Life is good; my city is safe, rent is cheap, I like the food and it’s cheap … Continue reading

June 20, 2014 · 47 Comments

The War Within

By Mika Kasuga I was a little bemused when I saw that the NSA scandal caused sales of 1984, George Orwell’s masterpiece, to rise more than 3,000 percent.  Although it warms my … Continue reading

April 8, 2014 · 61 Comments

Learning a Second Language, or, Why I Don’t Understand Mexico

By Robert Blakslee, writer Right now, I am living in Mexico and attempting to master Spanish, neither of which efforts is going particularly well. And so I have set myself … Continue reading

November 14, 2013 · 8 Comments