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Soonest Mended 2015

Soonest Mended will be back with the New Year from our unannounced, unscheduled hiatus, for which we apologize. Our attentions were momentarily diverted from the blog by the demands of our lives.

Moving forward we will work to deliver the kind of essays that our readers have become used to: relevant and intellectually rigorous, with a focus on the arts, literature, and thought. Starting with our January submissions, however, these essays will be shorter format in an effort to increase dialogue with our readers. Our hope is that these short-form essays will encourage our readers to respond in kind, and will increase the flow of ideas in and out of Soonest Mended. Our original intention was that Soonest Mended be a truly collaborative platform, and this change is meant as a step towards realizing both that goal as well as our goal to publish every other week.

We’ll be in touch soon.

Best wishes and a Happy New Year,

from the Soonest Mended Team


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